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All work and no play made Jack a dull boy…. You’re no Jack and we at Cannabis After Dark certainly like to play. We are a nationally distributed print/digital publication that brings together talented and passionate artists, activist and writers -all with the goal of creating an interactive, community -centric publication for Cannabis enthusiasts. From our strain reviews to our culinary creations and fashion talk to music and artist highlights; our publication promises to illuminate the senses while  keeping you apprised of what’s going on through the world.  So join us at Cannabis -After Dark as we excite  the senses by expanding your horizons and keep you informed on all things cannabis. Because we all know, that ‘After Dark is when the real fun begins.’


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  • Too high to drive? Enforcement of drug-impaired driving in Ontario could face roadblocks similar to those encountered in Colorado

    And a survey this year of more than 15,000 cannabis users in the state found that nearly 70 per cent of them had driven under the influence of marijuana at least once in the past year. Forty per cent of them said they didn’t think it affected their ability to…

  • Idaho advocates for cannabis reform gather at town hall meeting

    Boise, ID – Advocates for cannabis reform in Idaho gathered at the Boise Public Library today to express their desire for legislation change for both medical and recreational marijuana use in the Gem State. Nevada’s legalization of recreational marijuana last fall made it the third state bordering Idaho that has legalized…

  • Algonquin College bans smoking, just ahead of pot legalization

    Algonquin College is the first post-secondary institution in Eastern Ontario to go completely smoke-free. College President and CEO says the decision comes after the provincial government changed the rules around cannabis. “We were following the premise, that the smoking of cannabis would be like drinking alcohol only allowed in certain…

  • Seed vendors take root at annual Maine Cannabis Convention

    As an old-school seed nerd, Nick Handler makes it his business to know exactly how to help almost anybody achieve the “perfect high.” Working under the name Oni Noodles, the 38-year-old Portland resident has taught himself how to breed just the right marijuana strain for every growing situation, end product…

  • Cannabis Capitalism: US Federal Pot Prohibitions Falling to Marketplace Madness

    Business 22:20 06.10.2018(updated 22:29 06.10.2018) Get short URL Now that nine states and the US capitol of District of Columbia allow recreational pot, the plant’s national legalization appears to be a slam-dunk, and opponents are afraid. But in spite of a rapid shift of policy and politics over the use of marijuana in the US, the…

  • Pot postcards: Feds look to educate ahead of marijuana legalization

    OTTAWA (NEWS 1130) – You may want to keep an eye on your mailbox, with marijuana legalization taking effect in less than two weeks. The public education campaign from the government has already seen ads through traditional and digital media, and now it’s heading directly to your home: the federal…

  • B.C. outlines new, amended regulations in lead up to legalization of pot

    VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – With the legalization of marijuana less than two weeks away, the B.C. government is revealing some new and amended regulations to support the legal cannabis regime. While we knew the basic details of how the province would roll out the legalization of pot, some of the…

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  • Magical Butter Machine Coconut Cannabis Oil

    Update: 9-15-2017 new $25 off coupon link http://magicalbutter.refr.cc/PNCRXR7 I’m a fully compliant Maine Medical Cannabis Patient and I only use my own organically grown medicine. The Magical Butter Machine website used to say the machine had a decarboxylating cycle, they have since removed that verbiage and now advise decarboxylating your…

  • 4 Ways to Use Cannabis Butter – Goodfood

    4 Ways to Use Cannabis Butter – Goodfood About Goodfood: Goodfood brings you fun food ideas and recipes for your cooking and baking adventures. We believe that home cooking should always be fun, interesting, and easy to do! Enjoy our collection of fun and easy food tutorials! With recipes ranging…

  • Odorless Mason Jar Cannabis Oil

    Don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel for cannabis recipes every Friday at 10am! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFpfdB7e9FFFqFCoz7Eqwrw Here’s another great way to make cannabis infused oil or butter. It’s super easy, and it’s virtually odorless! ***OFFICIAL WEBSITE*** http://laurengaw.com ***TWITTER*** http://twitter.com/lauren_gaw ***FACEBOOK*** http://facebook.com/laurenleegaw ***INSTAGRAM*** http://instagram.com/lauren_gaw source

  • Hempster: Gourmet Cannabis Edibles

    A promo video for Hempster, your trusted cannabis community. Visit us online to read great recipes, watch-mouth watering videos, and find the right products and strains for you. Not sure how to use infuse your food? Confused about proper dosing? Not sure what strain pairs well? We’ve got you covered…

  • Cannabis Tea Time! ‘High Tea’ Book Unboxing

    I am excited to finally got my physical copy of Sandra Hinchliffe’s new book, ‘High Tea: Gracious Cannabis Tea-Time Recipes for Every Occasion.’ I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I saw the digital preview 😀 I first met Sandra when I reviewed her last book, ‘The Cannabis Spa…


    Hey guys! sorry I haven’t uploaded a video in a long time but ALOT has been going on. I hope you enjoy this video and please subscribe for more videos and recipes! source

  • Fresh Harvest Cannabis Oil

    Here I explain how to make potent edible oil using your fresh plant material. In this video, I am using fresh trim from my WW plant just harvested. I also used larf and bottom buds all chopped up in this mix. This is the same process I use to infuse…

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  • Canadian Cannabis Strain Review – Silver Star Haze

    18+ LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT For my 41st Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Silver Star Haze. During my reviews I will mention the look, smell, taste, smoke & effect. Please note that effects may differ from person to person and must only be used legally. source

  • Strain Review: Sticky B

    Cultivated by Shango, you can tell they put a lot of care into this strain simply based off the beautiful colors you see – which is an indication of well-maintained lighting. There’s various shades of green combined with hues of purple – and golden yellow hairs sticking out all over…

  • Green Malay Review | Gaia Botanical | Reddit Kratom Rant

    Gaia botanical’s Green Malay is my current favorite strain for pain relief. It seems to always hit. I also go on a pretty long rant on the /Kratom Reddit. https://gaiaethnobotanical.com/product/green-malay/ https://www.reddit.com/r/kratom -Important relevant articles- Why is FDA commissioner ignoring American Kratom Association’s request for a meeting?; https://realnse.com/2018/09/why-is-fda-commissioner-ignoring-american-kratom-associations-request-for-a-meeting/ Read the MASSIVE…

  • Strain Review: Sundae Driver

    This particular strain derives its name from its delicious terpene profile that gives it a sweet and smooth taste not unlike a fruity dessert with undertones of bitter chocolate. Its parent strains are a cross between Fruity Pebbles and Grape Pie, both of which have their own sweet and fruity…

  • Canadian Cannabis Strain Review – Purple Swiss Cheese

    18+ LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT For my 44th Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Purple Swiss Cheese. During my reviews I will mention the look, smell, taste, smoke & effect. Please note that effects may differ from person to person and must only be used legally. source

  • Feedback Fridays Ep. 4: BloodBlind – “Will To Fight” (Reaction & Review)

    Check out BloodBlind: https://www.facebook.com/BloodBlind Become a part of Feedback Fridays by sending your music to ryanstrainmusic@gmail.com _____________________________________________ Official Site: https://www.ryanstrainmusic.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YamiRyan4509/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryanthestrain Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RyanStrain My Bands: – Recode The Subliminal (New Album “Disconnected” Out Now) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RecodeTheSubliminal/ Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/8M2rLA iTunes: https://goo.gl/y3UzW8 Amazon: https://goo.gl/VdviUe Spotify: https://goo.gl/bHC7Vk – Sea of…

  • Canadian Cannabis Strain Review – Sweet Diesel

    18+ LEGAL MEDICAL CANNABIS PATIENT For my 43rd Canadian Cannabis review, we have a strain called Sweet Diesel. During my reviews I will mention the look, smell, taste, smoke & effect. Please note that effects may differ from person to person and must only be used legally. source