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24k Gold

24K Gold is an indica hybrid cannabis strain named after its liquid gold flavour and stunning appearance. Long, pepper-shaped bright green buds with vivid purple overtones describe the 24K Gold flower. The strain’s name comes from the thick, frosty coating of yellow-gold trichomes mixed up with the brilliant, golden hairs. It’s a sight to behold, to be sure, but not so much that you won’t want to smoke it.

The high from 24K Gold is lighter in nature, making it ideal for placing you in a relaxed, cheerful attitude at any time of day or night. You’ll experience exhilaration at first, then relax, numbing pains and anxieties while the strain infuses you with vitality. As the strain’s effects worsen, you’ll notice yourself growing more and more relaxed, until you’re left with nothing but a nice sensation of comfort.┬áBecause of these properties, 24K gold is frequently used to treat diseases such as chronic stress, depression, insomnia, chronic tiredness, and inflammation.