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Black Jack

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This indica-dominant hybrid strain was developed by combining the genetics of Black Domina with Jack Herer. As a result, it’s a popular choice among medical marijuana users seeking relief from stress and chronic pain. To be clear, there are two strains known as Black Jack, one of which is a hybrid derived from Black Domina and the other is a European native known as Jock Horror. Though it’s pretty similar to the original Black Jack, the latter strain is known as Blackjack. Because Black Jack’s CBD levels are low, it’s not advised for seizure disorders. However, it is suggested for the treatment of anxiety, sadness, and mood disorders, as well as nausea and a loss of appetite. The strain may also aid in the treatment of insomnia. The indica genes provide a powerful, euphoric body high that is accompanied by profound relaxation. This strain may also help you be more creative. The most prevalent negative effects are dry eyes, dry mouth, and paranoia. Mars OG has a sweet flavour and a skunky fragrance, and it tastes like berries.