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Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is an Indica hybrid strain that contains a perfect balance of Indica and Sativa breeds, resulting in a THC level of 26 percent. To say the least, the strain is enticing. The buds are not only lovely to look at, but they are also delicious. The buds aren’t as dense as any other strain you’ve seen, but they’re superbly bred to generate purple hues covered with white crystals and vivid orange hairs.

The perfume is fairly fruity with a bit of dirt, and it is pretty intoxicating. There’s a reason why the strain is known as Blackberry. It tastes great and is as smooth as a bowl of strawberries. If you’re looking for a strain to use during the day, look no further. Blackberry provides a body and brain high that will quickly overwhelm you. Additionally, you will feel more energized and talkative, as well as extremely social.

Blackberry, on the other hand, is equally effective at treating a variety of medical ailments such as stress, depression, and anxiety. It is also ideal for people suffering from chronic aches and pains because of its body-numbing properties.