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Bluefin Shark


Bluefin Shark Kush, often known as “Bluefin Shark,” is an indica cannabis strain. When it comes to marijuana, Bluefin Shark Kush is one of the most fascinating and well-balanced strains accessible. This marijuana will give you a sweet blueberry flavour with undertones of gasoline and decomposing fish that will leave you gasping. Aromatically, it is similar, but with a strong peppery and diesel undertone. The Bluefin Shark Kush high will drive your mind racing while your body melts away into oblivion, thanks to its energetic yet dreamy effects. For a few days, you’ll find your mental state swinging between drowsy introspection and intense concentration. When the body high kicks in, you’re restricted to the couch and unable to move. Because of its high average THC concentration, Bluefin Shark Kush is an excellent option for chronic pain, insomnia, persistent tension, and muscle spasms or cramps. Dusty green nugs with orange hairs and cold sandy amber crystal trichomes cover this bud’s fluffy pepper-shaped nugs, which have a faint amber undertone.