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Buzzy Peaches

80MG – 5 pieces per bag.

As an adult, you may still enjoy Buzzy Peaches, but in the form of an edible. Buzzy Peaches are ideal for binge-watching Netflix, relaxing and drinking, or simply reminiscing with the fellas about your childhood. They’re a shrine to a bygone era, guy.

Buzzy Peaches are much like the original candy, with a sweet and sour taste combination. As a result of better ingredients, this version is a touch more flavorful. Whether you’re not sure if you’re receiving any THC at all from the edible, the flavour is robust enough to mask it. Even though it has an 80mg dose, I’m certain that you’ll experience the effects.

You may want to be cautious if you live with children or anybody else who isn’t allowed to consume cannabis edibles. Last year, a 6-year-old had to go to the hospital after eating an entire bag of ’em, and I know I shouldn’t have to mention this. There is just one letter difference in the wrapper, but the candy inside tastes precisely like the sweets outside. Be cautious, since they’re almost identical.

A trip to the ER because you accidentally left your Buzzy Peaches near the OJ is not something anybody wants to deal with.