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Cherry Blasters

80MG – 5 pieces per bag.


Cherry Blasters have a mix of sweet and sour flavours, just like the candy they’re based on. If anything, this version is a little tastier because its made with way better ingredients. The sweetness conceals the earthy taste of cannabis extremely well, to the point that you might wonder if you’re getting any THC at all from eating them. That’s a reason to be careful, though, because these gummies are seriously potent.

New users should consider breaking apart the individual gummies, as 80mg is a fairly high dose for anyone without some edible experience. If you aren’t familiar with your exact tolerance level, try a single piece of a gummy before you devour one whole. It’s for the best!

The Cherry Blasters look less like their legal counterparts than Buzzy Peaches do, but since they’re candy, it’s important to be cautious if you live with children or adults who can’t ingest cannabis edibles for medical reasons. The outside of the packaging might not look like the actual branding for Cherry Blasters, but it definitely looks like candy to a kid. Please be careful, as this candy is serious stuff.

Cherry Blasters bring the lip-puckering taste, just like their namesake. You might find yourself wincing as each one goes down, but by the time you start to feel the edible’s effects, you’ll only taste sweet cherry as the waves of relaxation take ahold of you. Be careful with your dosage, or you might just slip away into a sweet and sour void of restful, dreamless sleep.