THC 31%


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Jet Fuel Gelato

Jet Fuel Gelato is a sativa hybrid strain that was generated by combining the potent Hi-Octane and Jet Fuel strains. This famous child combines a high strength level with a delectable taste that will have you wanting more. The Jet Fuel Gelato high is quick and intense, with instant cerebral effects that slam you right between the eyes. You’ll be stimulated and filled with a feeling of creative ecstasy that will help you focus on any artistic job or discussion. The next sensation is a tingling body high that creeps into your limbs before settling in and leaving you totally stimulated from head to toe. Jet Fuel Gelato is used to treat chronic stress, depression, inflammation, chronic weariness, ADD or ADHD, and chronic pain, among other ailments. With a gently peppery sour citrus exhale, this bud offers a sweet and delicious berry taste. Fresh sour citrus scent with a creamy berry overtone that becomes spicy and pungent as the nugs are burnt away. Jet Fuel Gelato buds are petite, spherical forest green nugs with minty green leaves, strong yellow-orange hairs, and a frosty, dazzling white trichome covering.