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Kali Kush

Kali Kush, also known as Cali Kush stands for ‘California Kush,’ an indica hybrid cannabis strain with a classic, well-rounded flavour. The bloom is quite leafy, and there are a lot of huge, compact buds on it. The blooms are often brilliant green, with an ice blue colour that runs through the foliage and trichrome crystals of this variety. The buds have a pleasant, citrus aroma with coffee undertones, which is obvious even from the taste of the smoke. When you smoke Cali Kush, the fruity scent is replaced with a spicy one, and the coffee flavour is amplified.
Kali Kush has nice and well-balanced side effects that leave you feeling happy, languid, and sleepy, but not completely couch-locked. It’s an indica hybrid in the classic meaning of the term, so expect a lovely blend of physical effects with a little sativa kick to keep you alert.
It’s been used to treat insomnia, pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression, among other things. The most frequent side effects are dry mouth and dry eyes, although disorientation and headaches are also possible.