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Kush Sobert

Sunset Sherbet X Triangle Kush was crossed to generate Kush Sorbet, a somewhat indica dominating hybrid strain. Do you like a strong taste and a long-lasting buzz? With Kush Sorbet, you’ve discovered it. The taste of this bud is sweet and delicious sour citrus with traces of fresh mint and soil. The scent is equally delectable, with elements of sour citrus, spicy earth, and fresh fruits that get stronger the longer you toke. After a few minutes, the Kush Sorbet high kicks in, focusing on the mind before moving on to the rest of your body. You’ll experience a rush of clarity, attention, and creativity, allowing you to quickly tackle any mental job on your to-do list. In this condition, you’ll be driven and joyful, marking things off as you go while your body stays pleasant and calm. Persistent pain, cramps or muscular spasms, chronic stress, and depression are among common problems that Kush Sorbet is used to treat. Long tapering spade-shaped olive green nugs with deep purple overtones, dense orange hairs, and a frosty purple-white coloured crystal trichome coating cover this bud.