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Maui Wowie

Maui Wowie, commonly known as Maui Waui, is a sativa-dominant strain produced mostly in the Hawaiian Islands. The strain’s buds are coated in beautiful crystals, making it very appealing to patients and cannabis users. You’ll detect a trace of pine, as well as citrus and lavender, in the scent. Furthermore, the strain has a fresh hash flavour. The strain provides a high-end bliss with pineapple tastes that enable your mind to wander into imaginative realms. Its effects are all you’ll ever need to go outdoors and stay active throughout the day, which is why it’s such a great morning and day smoke. The high is distinct in that it leaves your body humming and in a great mood. Furthermore, unlike other cannabis strains, you will notice a boost in attention and concentration without feeling odd or uneasy. The Maui Wowie, on the other hand, is very helpful against a variety of medical ailments, including stress, chronic pain, and depression. Keeping this in mind, the strain will undoubtedly leave you feeling calm and energetic, regardless of how bad your day has already been.