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Mike Tyson K.O

Mike Tyson K.O, often known as “Tyson,” is indica hybrid strain said to be a descendent of the iconic OG Kush strain. Since its inception in 2011, this bud has been the Canna Clinic’s signature house strain, delivering a hefty punch of heavy effects. You’ll have a moderate cerebral onset, which will leave you feeling elevated and pleased with a sensation of euphoria. A creeping body high will strike you like a truck, engulfing you in a heavy sensation of couch-lock and lethargy that is neither sleepy nor narcotic. If necessary, you’ll be functioning, but you’ll be entirely calm and pain-free. Mike Tyson is ideal for treating individuals suffering from chronic stress, sleeplessness, chronic pain, and appetite loss due to its potent indica effects and high THC content of 33%. The scent of this bud is strong and skunky, with a stinging chemical diesel note that emerges when the nugs are torn apart. The flavour is spicy, aromatic diesel with a skunky aftertaste that lasts long after you’ve smoked it. Large, bumpy lime green nugs with vivid flaming orange hairs and a thin covering of frosty milky golden hued crystal trichomes characterise this bud.