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Pink Death

Pink Death is a powerful purebred indica with a devoted following. It is the offspring of Death Bubba and Pink Kush, two celebrities. Both of these strains are popular indica-dominant varieties in their own right. Pink Death combines the best of both worlds with renowned genetics like these! It has wonderfully soothing as well as gloriously uplifting effects! Pink Death is a must-try if you like any of its parent strains.
The buds of this strain are thick and coated in crystal-like trichomes, giving it a frosted, wintery appearance. This dank strain might win cannabis beauty pageants because to its gorgeous green colours! It smells like freshly cut pine needles with a hint of earthy musk. Its flavour follows a similar pattern, with a spicy, sweet, and earthy flavour.
Pink Death will provide you with sensations of joy, relaxation, and excitement. Some blazers are also having a good time at this stage! As you proceed through your epic journey, you’ll find that your body becomes lighter and lighter. But don’t forget to bring snacks! It’s possible that your stomach will feel lighter as well.