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Pink Panties

Pink Panties is an indica-dominant hybrid strain established by crossing the legendary Burmese Kush with the Florida Kush. Pink Panties is a popular among patients who desire an extremely stimulating high with a great taste. The Pink Panties high is one for the ages, with drowsy and calming effects that may also be rather stimulating. You’ll be completely relaxed, with a deep sensation of drowsiness in your body that will leave you powerless couch-locked and immobile. This bodily condition is accompanied with a raised head high that wraps around your thoughts like a headband and leaves you completely distracted. Pink Panties is often used to treat disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sleeplessness, melancholy, and persistent anxiety. With a mildly chemical exhale, this bud offers a sweet delicious strawberry taste. Earthy berries and sour chemicals dominate the fragrance, which is complemented with a syrupy sweet overtone that may be somewhat pungent at times. Pink Panties buds contain beautiful grape-shaped forest green nugs with vibrant pink overtones, matching hairs, and a covering of crystalline crystal trichomes that seem nearly pink in the proper light.