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Point Break

Point Break is a hybrid strain generated by combining the tasty Tropicana Cookies and Trophy Wife strains. Point Break, named after the popular film, provides a lifting and full-bodied high that will leave you feeling stimulated before assisting you in falling asleep. The benefits are fast to take effect, giving your brain with a euphoric feeling of increased energy. You’ll be inspired and ready to take on any creative challenge that comes your way. With a heavy and stoney sensation of relaxation, your body will start to sink deeper and more into the sofa as your mind lifts. This relaxing sensation will quickly spread across your whole body, putting you to sleep. Point Break has an advantage in treating chronic stress or anxiety, depression, chronic tiredness, headaches or migraines, and Bipolar Disorder or mood disorders due to these effects. On the exhale, this bud has a sweet and sour vanilla citrusy taste with a hint of woodiness. The perfume is sour and zesty, with biting tangerine notes complemented by woody pine and a hint of fresh earthiness.