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Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider is a hybrid strain with a modest indica dominance that was generated by crossing two unknown hybrid strains. Tomb Raider is a terrific pick for any hybrid enthusiast who likes a mild indica lean in their cannabis and is named after the classic figure. The high comes on quickly, slamming into the brain with a burst of cerebral energy that propels you to get up and active. In this mood, you’ll experience an inflow of creativity and a hint of concentration, allowing you to easily carry on discussions with individuals around you. This enthusiasm will dissipate as the high builds, being replaced with a somewhat foggy happiness and a sensation of tranquilly. This calming sensation will travel throughout your whole body, allowing you to really unwind and rest without falling asleep. These effects provide Tomb Raider an advantage when it comes to treating experienced patients with persistent stress or anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, or chronic exhaustion. With undertones of fresh fruits and soil, this bud has a sweet and pungent herbal taste. The scent is extremely similar, with a somewhat earthy undertone and spicy flowers and fresh fruits accenting it. Tomb Raider buds are dusty green nugs with orange hairs and a covering of tiny milky white crystal trichomes that are thick and tight.