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Truffle Monkey

Truffle Monkey is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain developed as a phenotype of the well-known Grease Monkey and Truffula Tree strains. Truffle Monkey provides all you need and more if you’re a lover of a wonderfully fruity taste and elevated effects. Minutes after your first hit, the Truffle Monkey high settles into your consciousness, filling you with a heightened sensation of expanded bliss that easily wipes away any unpleasant or rushing thoughts. You’ll experience a rush of mental and physical energy that comes on with a tingle sensation, which will get you up and going on your to-do list almost instantly as your mind soars and reaches new heights of pure enjoyment.¬†Truffle Monkey is often recommended for people suffering from appetite loss or nausea, sleeplessness, prolonged stress, melancholy, or chronic pain. Dark green pepper-shaped nugs with deep purple, red, and blue overtones, bright orange hairs, and a covering of crystalline crystal trichomes characterise this bud.