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White Fire OG

WiFi OG” is another name for White Fire OG. It generates frosted buds, which are very significant to the medical marijuana business as a whole. It’s a hybrid of The White and Fire OG. It has a 65-day blooming cycle and is easy to germinate both inside and out. It has a sour diesel-like fragrance with a hint of citrus, as well as a sweet, earthy flavour. It is regarded as one of the best medicinal marijuana strains, with several advantages. Its buds resemble miniature snow-covered mountains. Because WiFi OG is primarily a 60 percent indica dominating strain, its benefits are mostly cerebral; it has an elevating impact on the body and aids in the reduction of lethargy. It has no sleepy effects on your system and will make you feel refreshed if you take it throughout the day. White Fire OG is also used to treat depression, anxiety, and tension. Patients with these ailments depend on WiFi OG to help them relax. It may also be used to treat glaucoma, chronic pain, lack of appetite, and cancer, among other things.